Despite House Republican’s temper tantrums and insistence on violating constitutionally-protected impeachment processes (and you know, Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities), we’re here to show you that the roadmap to impeachment for the grassroots is still quite clear and simple:  

atl: Indivisibles 5-stop roadmap to impeachmentatl: continue calls. dial 855-980-2355.atl: stop 2 - subscribe to our impeachment daily youtube showalt: stop 3 - pick a hubdialer shift to call friendly voters in key statesatl: stop 4 - recess is november 3 thru 11. find republicans and birddog them using our tactics.atl: stop 5 - host a "no one is above the law" event at

No matter what news happens, no matter what bananas Republican stunt they try next, we just need to keep the pressure on:

Stop 1: Call both of your senators and demand that they support a transparent and fair impeachment trial at 855-980-2355. We’ve got a script you can use here.

Stop 2: Subscribe to our all-new web series Impeachment Daily on YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, starring our Director of Democracy Policy, Meagan Hatcher-Mays, dishing out daily updates on Trump’s crimes and what you can do to pressure your member of Congress to hold him accountable. 

Stop 3: Pick a shift to make some calls connecting voters to Senators to demand a complete and fair impeachment trial. We've identified 13 Senators who our political and policy experts believe we can sway -- and now we're asking you to call progressive voters in their states and ask those voters to use their power and turn up the pressure on their elected officials.

Stop 4: The House is going on recess from Nov 3 - 11. It’s time to meet them in your home turf. Find a town hall or district-office event and get ready to ask Republicans #OneSimpleQuestion (try using some of our birddogging tactics to boost your impact).

Stop 5: As we quickly approach a historic impeachment vote in the House, we have an opportunity to make this vote a turning point. Click here to host or find a "No One is Above the Law" event the evening before the House vote, calling on your representative and senators to put an end to this bigoted, hateful presidency.

Indivisibles know better than anyone else that the key to winning fights on Capitol Hill is taking control of the narrative and applying unrelenting constituent pressure.

Let’s do it.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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