Trump has a track record for crying wolf when things don’t go exactly his way. So it should be of no surprise to us if (or rather when) Trump contests any election results this November. 

Here’s just a short list of his record so far and exactly why we need to be ready: 

  • In 2016, Trump threatened to reject the results of the election. Though he narrowly defeated Hillary Clinton, he claimed the election was “rigged” and “millions of people” were voting unlawfully. 
  • He deployed troops and tear gas just last week on peaceful protestors to get the “perfect image” for his propaganda video and commentators have speculated that it was a dry run to see how the nation might react to a vast overreach by his administration.
  • He’s already previewing that he will dispute the 2020 election as unfairly “rigged” against him. He has spread lies about mail-in voting to preemptively cast doubt on the election, claiming “mailboxes will be robbed” and “ballots will be forged.” 
  • And he’s made disturbing comments that he could stay in office past 2024. That’s not something that we should take lightly.



So what happens if Trump refuses to leave the White House? Well, you can bet we’ve got a plan for that. 

Our movement is in full gear to make sure that Trump is defeated this election, but as we head toward November, we’re increasingly asking ourselves: if he loses, would it really be surprising if he cried “rigged” election? The answer seems clear to us -- we need to mobilize and prepare for a scenario in which Trump, well, behaves exactly like he always has and tries to reject the results of November’s election. 

Enter → Protect the Results.

Today we’re announcing Protect the Results, a joint project with Stand Up America, our sister grassroots organization committed to resisting Trump’s corrupt agenda, to protect the valid results of the 2020 election. 

Together, we are working to build a broad coalition of grassroots organizations and patriotic activists to build the infrastructure to mobilize Americans to take action should that scenario come to pass -- this is where you come in. We need our movement to be ready to take action if Trump rejects the results of the 2020 election and here’s how: 

Pledge to Protect the Results >>

With millions of Americans expected to vote by mail, and as states administer elections during the ongoing pandemic, it’s more important than ever before that we protect the valid results of the election. That’s why we will build a network of millions of Americans who pledge to take action should Trump refuse to accept the results from mail-in voting or if he attempts to declare victory while votes are still being counted.

The fact of the matter is that we’ve held elections during the Civil War, in World War I, in World War II, during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918, and we will still hold an election on November 3. The results of this election will determine the future of our country, and the results must be respected and protected.

Join us and pledge to take action if Trump refuses to accept the results. Because the bottom line has to be clear: If Trump loses the next election, he must accept those results. Our democracy depends on it. 

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team


Together as Indivisibles we’re doing everything we can to win in the fall and ensure that Trump respects the outcome of the election. In addition to volunteer and staff time, that work takes resources: money to fund ads, phone banking tools, trainings, and more. If you’re able, please click here to chip in $10 or $20 today. Your gift will fund all our work, and ensure that we can win in November and move our country forward. 

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