Urgent: your members of Congress are on recess this week and we’re organizing The People Lead Week of Action to remind them that the people delivered this monumental victory! All week we'll be urging them to quickly impeach Trump and disqualify him from office, and to pass democracy reforms to avoid similar future crises. Join us and make your voice heard!


The state of our democracy further unraveled this week as we went from celebrating two monumental wins in Georgia and taking back the Senate to witnessing a violent coup attempt at our nation’s Capitol. While we’ve been reflecting and trying to process all that has transpired, there’s one thing that remains constant: we must repair our democracy, and that starts with pressuring our members of Congress to remove Trump from office and prioritize democracy reform legislation. That’s why we invite you to take your outrage and transform it into action with The People Lead week of action, beginning Monday!

The people -- Indivisibles like you and millions of voters -- delivered a huge victory over the last few months by defeating Trump, holding the House, and taking back the Senate. Together, the people lead and shape the direction of our nation, and we want to remind our elected officials, whether virtually, or in small groups, that we’re demanding transformative change, now. We’re pushing back against the forces that wish to see us wither -- the forces that brought us Trump and that continue to uphold the white supremacist, corrupt institutions of the past. 

Here’s the number one thing you can do this week: remind your members of Congress that the people lead! Urge them to quickly impeach Trump and disqualify him from office, and to pass democracy reforms to avoid similar future crises. Congress will be in recess this week, which means your members of Congress will be back in their districts working on local issues, giving Indivisibles the perfect opportunity to get their attention and demand action now. We’re encouraging Indivisibles to organize and be heard -- whether through virtual events or by gathering safely in small groups outside of their district offices. Check out our events map to find an event near you, or register your own event with the help of our The People Lead Toolkit. Attending or hosting an event is the biggest impact action you can take to pressure your members of Congress this week.

Once you’ve signed up for (or created!) your local The People Lead events, here are two more actions you, your family, and your friends can take this week:

We refuse to shrink in the face of these traumatic events -- instead we’re re-energizing, showing up, and calling our members of Congress. Trump’s dangerous rhetoric and actions have been bolstered by his allies, and now white supremacist insurrectionists all over the country are taking note. We’ve got to do everything in our power to root out the rot. Only then can we move towards a more inclusive, representative democracy. Join us this week.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

Indivisible Project is a locally-led, people-powered movement of thousands of local groups in red, blue, and purple states, and in urban, suburban, and rural areas. Our mission is to power and lift up a grassroots movement of local groups to defeat the Trump agenda, elect progressive leaders, and realize bold progressive policies.

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