Many of you, like us, may have felt overwhelmed and powerless as you sat watching the events that transpired last week. But even in our darkest moments, Indivisibles have proven that when we band together, we have the power to deliver monumental change. 

Last week, we launched our latest Indivisible Guide -- A Practical Guide to Fixing our Democracy -- to help navigate the lessons from the past four years and outline the next steps we need to take to emerge from this crisis. 

The first test of our power is already happening -- we need you to take part in The People Lead Week of Action from January 9 through 17. All week, Indivisibles will be using their grassroots power to apply pressure on their members of Congress to quickly impeach, remove, and disqualify Trump from office and pass democracy reforms to make sure this never happens again. Events have already begun this week, but there’s still time for you to get involved. Find events near you using our events map or register your own event with the help of our The People Lead Toolkit.

Impeachment Timeline

After the heartbreaking and infuriating events of last week, Congress must go farther than condemning Trump's violent followers and must ensure there are consequences for a President actively encouraging a violent insurrection. Fortunately, Speaker Pelosi already has a plan -- here's how we expect the week will play out in Congress: 

Today (Monday), House Democrats introduced articles of impeachment and a resolution calling on Vice President Pence and the cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment and remove Trump from office. The resolution will receive a vote on the House floor tomorrow (Tuesday), and while we expect this resolution to pass, it's critical that all Members are on the record. Pelosi is giving Pence 24 hours to respond and is holding a vote on articles of impeachment on Wednesday (since it’s unlikely Pence will break with Trump).

It's up to all of us to pressure our members of Congress to support impeachment so each and every one of them knows how consequential this vote is. 

After the House vote on impeachment, things get trickier with the Senate, which is still under McConnell's control until the newly-elected Georgia Senators take office and Vice President Kamala Harris is sworn in. Republican Senators would rather pretend last week never happened but we won’t let them sweep it under the rug. 

Stay tuned for updates on opportunities to take action and demand the Senate move forward on impeachment and convict Trump. With that, here are your weekly to-dos:

Your weekly to-dos

  1. Get familiar with our latest Indivisible Guide. We’ve learned a lot over the last four years and have big ideas about how to make sure we’re prepared to make the most of a Democratic trifecta. Now that we have the power to enact bold, lasting change, we have to make sure our members of Congress hear our demands. Read the guide to learn about our priorities, get tips about effectively applying pressure on our elected officials, and understand the structural reforms capable of fixing our democracy.
  2. Call your members of Congress to demand they take immediate action to remove Trump from office. The House introduced articles of impeachment and will vote on Wednesday. The Senate must vote to convict, remove, and disqualify Trump from ever holding federal office again. This is possible to do quickly -- but only if we bring enough pressure. Once you’ve called your representative, continue to the next page to be connected to your senators and demand they vote to convict and remove. Then, keep calling all week.
  3. Read our resource about the For the People Act (H.R. 1) and how it can be part of the strategy to unrig our democracy. Passing H.R. 1 is an essential first step to achieving any of our policy goals during the Biden administration. With our democracy in crisis, we need a robust reform package that targets voter suppression, gerrymandering, money in politics, corruption, and more. Once you’ve read about how H.R. 1 can help us change course, click here to call your representative to demand they pass H.R. 1 when it is brought to the floor.
  4. Read about H.R. 51 and why we’re making D.C. statehood a priority in 2021. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: D.C. statehood is a racial justice issue. There are more reasons than one to make D.C. the 51st state, but it all comes back to democracy reform. H.R. 51 has a lot of support but it’s going to take a monumental effort to make sure it actually passes. To make it happen, be sure to call your representative to demand they add their name to the growing list of members of Congress supporting D.C. statehood.

Georgia Updates

Georgians delivered the historic wins we saw last week, and we’re so excited to celebrate their success (keep reading until the end to get a glimpse into the hard work of Georgia Indivisibles that made it possible).

The last few days have been so chaotic it’s easy to lose track of what’s happening on the ground in the Peach State. You’ll remember that Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue spent most of their campaign following Trump’s lead and casting doubt on the integrity of our elections. But, only after domestic terrorists crashed through the windows of the Capitol, Kelly Loeffler decided to rescind her objection to certifying the November election results. And since both Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff won their elections by substantial leads (outside of the 0.5 recount threshold), it was only right that Loeffler and Perdue decided to concede. 

So, when can we expect to see Warnock and Ossoff sworn into the Senate? All eyes are on Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, to move quickly to make it happen. Once every county certifies their individual results -- they should be done before Friday -- it’s up to Raffensperger to certify the total results. Once all the county certifications are in, Raffensperger has until January 22 to close the deal. Right now, we have no reason to believe there will be any problems or objections along the way, but we will be watching closely and provide updates as soon as we know more.

Find a virtual event "near" you

Indivisible Huddle Monthly Meeting with BINKI

When: Monday, January 25, 5:00 PM
Where: Virtual, Bainbridge Island, WA

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National Events

We Won, What's Next? Indivisible’s 2021 Strategy Session
Join us for this half-day strategy session, where we will discuss our plans to reform our democracy as we head into a Democratic trifecta! We’ll be taking deep dives into the issues we’re prioritizing with our new power, highlighting the work that got us to this point and the lessons that will carry us forward. If you thrive in community and want to learn how to make a strategic impact, these trainings are for you.
Date: Sunday, January 31 at 3:00 pm EST -- Register here. 

New Year, New Plan: Working with Red MoCs
This hour-long training session will cover how to work with your Republican member of Congress. We know that there are so many unique challenges in organizing in a red area, so throughout this training, we will cover some practical strategies and tactics for working with your conservative members. Of course, we will leave some time for questions along the way.
Dates: February 2 at 8:00 pm EST -- Register here.
February 3 at 3:00 pm EST -- Register here.  

New Year, New Plan: Working with Blue MoCs
This hour-long training session will cover how to work with your Democratic member of Congress. We know there is a broad spectrum within Democratic members, so we will discuss the differences across the Democratic Party from progressive Dems to working with conservative Democrats. We will also spend time exploring strategies and tactics for holding your Democratic member accountable during a trifecta. Of course, we will leave some time for questions along the way.
Dates: February 4 at 7:00 pm EST -- Register here.
February 5 at 3:00 pm EST -- Register here.

We can’t let the GOP’s role in last week’s events slide

The attempted coup last week was a long time in the making -- and it’s just the latest result of years of Republican anti-democratic grandstanding. Republicans in Congress think they’re not accountable to the people, and it’s our job to prove them wrong. Every member of the House and a third of the Senate are up for re-election next year, and we need to start now to hold these Republicans accountable for their repeated attempts to dismantle our democracy.

We know what our elections playbook looks like: textbanking, phonebanking, and canvassing programs, along with the on-the-ground organizing and high-level campaign support our local activists need. All those things cost money, and we need to get started funding them right away. Can you donate $10 to help us hold Republicans accountable and get a head start on securing progressive wins in the next election?

IndivisiWin: Georgia Indivisibles, we thank you 

We want to take a moment to thank and congratulate Georgia Indivisibles. Last week should have been your time to celebrate, so we want to bring attention back to the incredible work you put in to make these wins possible:

You wrote postcard, after postcard…

You showed up every weekend to canvass, even in the cold...



You didn’t just organize for Ossoff and Warnock, more than 15 Georgia groups came together to co-host an event for Daniel Blackman...



Then there’s the work that could go unnoticed, like all the calls and texts you sent to your friends and family -- helping them find their polling place, return their ballots safely, navigate deadlines, and more. We noticed -- and more importantly, the people of Georgia noticed, and voted, and won.

These wins are yours, and we hope you can find time to celebrate them. 

In solidarity, 
Indivisible Team

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