After the events of last week, the House moved quickly to introduce articles of impeachment to hold Trump accountable for inciting Wednesday’s deadly attack on the Capitol. We’re confident that the House will vote to impeach Trump today -- even some House Republicans have agreed -- but the real challenge will come in the Senate. 

Reports suggest we’re close to having the votes to convict -- but only if we keep applying pressure on Senate Republicans to follow the lead of their counterparts in the House. We have to start now, and we need you to do two things when you call your Senators:

1️⃣: Tell them to urge McConnell to use his emergency powers to reconvene the Senate for Trump’s second impeachment trial immediately. 
2️⃣: Demand they vote to convict, remove, and disqualify Donald Trump from holding federal office in the future.

Call Your Senators Now

The first order of business is calling the Senate back from recess. To begin an impeachment trial, the Senate Majority and Minority leaders must use the emergency powers to immediately bring the Senate back in session. Leader Schumer has already agreed to do this -- your move, McConnell. 

Then, when the Senate comes back into session, we need  ⅔ of senators to vote on Trump’s conviction and removal. Finally, a simple majority of Senators need to vote in favor of his permanent disqualification from holding public office. 

After the House votes to impeach today and the Senate is reconvened, it’s critical that every senator understands the importance of their vote. New reporting suggests that McConnell is eager to purge Trumpism from the Republican party, but some senators are weighing their own relationship with Trump against convicting him for treasonous actions. We don’t care for their excuses -- we demand justice now. 

As we’re writing this email, images of the continued threat of white-supremacist, right-wing violence are being broadcasted on TV and showing up online and on social media. We can’t forget how we got to this place -- Trump and his cronies spent years forging lies, committing crimes, and fueling conspiracy theories -- and now we’ve got to do everything we can to quell the violence. Call your members of Congress this week, and keep calling until Trump is removed from office.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

P.S. -- The last week has made it more evident than ever that we have a lot of work to do to repair our democracy. We rely on grassroots supporters, not corporations or politicians, to fund our work. If you’re able, please consider pitching in:

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