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(this is about abortion, voting and so much more)


Have you heard about some of the great work Texas activists are doing right now?

Yes, we’ve had some bad news. You’ve probably already seen that SCOTUS declined to stop an extreme anti-abortion law yesterday that allows bounty hunters to chase down people who’ve had abortions after six weeks -- that’s before many people know they’re pregnant. And on top of that, yesterday afternoon the TX Legislature passed S.B. 1, which is a massive voter suppression bill that drastically limits the ability of Texans to vote. We also have a governor and state legislature who are more interested in building a southern border wall resisting Medicaid expansion than they are in fixing the state’s electric grid problems after the grid failure in February. And in the face of the latest COVID outbreak, they’re refusing to impose a mask mandate in our schools to protect the health and lives of our school children, school staff and their families. 

We’ll have a lot more to say (and do) about this horrendous anti-abortion law and everything else they’re up to, but right now we want to talk to you about the voter suppression law, because that’s something the U.S. Senate can (if they muster the will) take action to fix quickly.

Many of our state lawmakers sacrificed a lot to fight for our voting rights in DC, and it was heart wrenching to see the bill pass, but the fight isn’t over. Luckily, they aren’t the only ones fighting -- Indivisibles across the state have garnered national attention in this battle. The fierce determination, creativity, and compassion of the people of Texas mean that we still have a chance to save our democracy.

Organizing in Texas is not for the faint of heart, and lately, neither is living here. In the past year alone, we’ve fought through deadly power outages and multiple record breaking COVID surges with little or no help from our elected representatives.

To add insult to injury, Texas is already the hardest state in the nation to vote, and yet our Lt. Governor offered $1,000,000 for proof of voter fraud (remember that bounty for reporting an abortion? seeing a trend?). Let me tell you, his money is still safe in his bank. Like every other state in the union, the 2020 election in Texas was secure, but that didn’t stop state legislators from trying to enact further voter suppression laws, some of the most heinous in the country. 

So what can you do?

Work your heart out to pass the For the People Act (S. 1). It’s a crucial voting rights package that’s (almost) as big as Texas, and we can pass it, if we all work together. You already in? Click here to call your Senator now, or check the box below for more actions you can take.

No matter the odds or obstacles, Indivisibles just won’t quit. Here in Texas, we protest outside our senator’s office in Houston, drop banners in San Antonio, march in Austin, hold voting rights vigils in DFW, fight the filibuster in Galveston, and so much more. We’re a big state y’all! We do all this while testifying in the legislature, coordinating with organizations across the state, making calls to our elected representatives, recruiting and engaging new Indivisibles, fundraising, post-carding, writing letters to the editor, and taking care of one another and our communities -- most of this work for no pay.

We are a relentless, dedicated, creative group of people, but we still need your help!

The answer to save voting rights in Texas, to save voting rights in America, is the For The People Act. Every state, every election, will benefit from The For The People Act, but voter suppressed states like Texas need the protection for voters this bill would provide. This is existential for Texans. Every voter deserves to have their voice heard. And now only federal intervention can ensure that.

Texas Indivisibles are determined to fight back at the state and national level at the same time.

The good news: You are already making a difference! Keep up the pressure while your senators are home. Consider organizing town hall events (safely of course) and continue making phone calls. We have a few short days before the Senate reconvenes in September. We must do all we can now and be ready to take the fight to DC. It just might be now or never.

Here’s what you can do, depending on who your Senators are: 

If you live in Delaware, call Senators Coons and Carper at 1-877-684-7760 and tell them you’ve heard information that they’re wavering and it's time to pick a side: democracy or the filibuster. Remind them you're paying attention. (If you want, fill out your information here and we’ll call you with a script and patch you through to their office directly.)

If you live in West Virginia or Arizona, call Senators Manchin or Sinema and tell them you insist they stop defending the Jim Crow Filibuster and pass S. 1. Don’t let them off the hook with a wishy-washy answer. Click here to call Manchin or here to call Sinema.

If you have any other Democratic senators, click here to call them and ask them to turn up the heat on Coons, Carper, Manchin, and Sinema. Tell them you’re proud to have heard they’re taking a stand against the filibuster and for our democracy, and ask them to pressure their colleagues to do the same.

If you (like us) have only Republican senators or no senators: Pressure President Biden to get involved (and if you have any democratic elected official, push them to make a public statement calling on Biden to get into the fight.) Biden getting involved could be a game-changer, so click here call the White House directly and tell Biden to get in the game.

There are two choices in any fight. Quit or keep going. It’s that easy. Indivisibles, and the people of Texas as a whole sure as hell aren’t quitting, are you with us?

With gratitude from Texas,
Your fellow Indivisibles in the Lone Star State

P.S. -- This email is about For the People and voting rights, but like we said up top, there’s other bad news out of Texas today. If you’re looking for a way to help Texans access reproductive healthcare and abortions, we recommend donating to Texas abortion funds. They’ll put every dollar to good use.

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