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On Saturday, President Biden signed a bill averting a national default. This work has been a central part of Indivisible’s focus in 2023, and it is the work of Indivisibles all across the country that allowed us to keep Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other vital programs safe moving forward. 

Check out Ezra’s beautiful and detailed breakdown of the current state of play, our work to prevent the MAGA Default Crisis, and our impact on the fight over on Medium.

For a quick preview of Ezra’s explainer:

  • We made it through alive, but not unscathed,
  • Inside-outside organizing was essential,
  • Finally, calling MAGA’s bluffs and fighting back works.

The default crisis, and MAGA House extremists’ focus on slashing the budget at the expense of the American people, has been a preview of the upcoming budget fight this fall. Strap in. There is more to come and we will be ready for the fight. 

In the meantime…

June will likely be a big month for rulings from the Supreme Court (SCOTUS). We saw SCOTUS severely limit the EPA’s authority to protect wetlands in May (here’s our tweet thread on Sackett v. EPA) and support an employer’s ability to sue unions last week (Glacier Northwest v. Teamsters), but we are awaiting rulings on critical issues like race-conscious admissions processes, a business’ ability to refuse service to LGBTQ+ customers, and extreme partisan redistricting in North Carolina. 

We already know that this extremist court is going to continue handing down horrific decisions, and few of us have much, if any, faith left after they gutted Roe -- trust in SCOTUS is at an all-time low. Now is the time to make our representatives act. 

We must restore legitimacy to the Supreme Court.
It is important for our rights today. 
It is vital for the health of our country (and the world) for years to come. 

With that, here are your weekly to-dos:

 Your weekly to-dos 

  1. Contact your senator and demand they cosponsor the Judiciary Act of 2023. SCOTUS is stacked with justices handpicked by MAGA Republicans and dark money groups, and it is running out of control. This court has too much power to be ignored, and if we want our government and its policies to reflect the will of our beautifully diverse country, we must restore SCOTUS to a place of legitimacy. Senators Markey and Smith have reintroduced the Judiciary Act of 2023 to add four justices to the bench and undo decades of conservative court-packing. Call your senator and make sure they are signed on today. 
  2. When you’re done calling your senator, call your representative and demand they cosponsor the Judiciary Act of 2023. The MAGA-packed court has gutted the Voting Rights Act, attacked workers’ rights, chipped away at environmental protections, struck down gun safety laws, and perhaps worst of all, overturned Roe v. Wade. We must do everything that we can to unrig the Republican court. Check here to see if your representative has signed on as a cosponsor; if not, call them today!

P.S. We count on the small dollar donors to help fund this movement! If you're able, please pitch in today to support the grassroots organizing that powers our progressive wins.


***In the 2023 Indivisible Guide, one of the most important things we wanted to see was our representatives show up as fighters! We need representatives that work for the people, not just their bank accounts and special interests! So, why not highlight those fighters? We Love To See It! will highlight the work being done by reps fighting for everyday people’s well being, advancing democracy, and/or protecting personal freedoms. Let’s stand up for our representatives when they stand up for us! We Love To See It!***

Rep. Katherine Clark, MA-05

Image of Katherine Clark addressing House Republicans. Tweet reads: I don't know how House Republicans are going to look our veterans in the eye this Memorial Day.

In the waning hours of the MAGA Default Crisis fight when we were still unsure if Republicans would drive us to a disastrous default, Minority Whip Katherine Clark delivered this scathing rebuke of Republican obstructionism and hypocrisy as House Republicans set out to celebrate our deceased troops over Memorial Day weekend while actively attempting to strip protections for our living veterans. Watch the full clip here!


**Bonus Points: If you see your rep showing up as a fighter and want to highlight them, reply to this email with a link to the story and we might feature it in our next Newsletter.**

 IndivisiWin of the Week 

Indivisibles protesting outside of Rep. Golden's office with a red, Pacman-like monster eating signs like 'veterans benefits' and 'teacher jobs.'

Indivisible Bangor putting on a beautifully creative MAGA Monster skit outside of Rep. Golden’s office during our Week of Action.

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The MAGA Default Crisis has been averted and we have a little time before the budget battle begins in earnest, now’s the time to make sure your representatives are paying attention to SCOTUS. Supreme Court decisions leave lasting legacies for generations and we cannot afford to let this rigged court continue to strip away our rights. 

Contact your representatives today!

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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