Get your representative to oppose the Big Lie Bill today!


MAGA Republicans are once again taking aim at one of our fundamental rights: The right to vote. 

That’s right -- after realizing that granting every American fair and easy access to the ballot box is detrimental to their electoral chances, Republicans looked at Trump’s attempted steal of the 2020 election and said, “let’s do more of that.” 

And so they drafted The Big Lie Bill (officially known as the American Confidence in Elections Act or ACE).

MAGA Republicans have laid out a strategy for achieving voter suppression on a state level in places like Idaho, Arkansas, and Florida, and now they’re trying to take disenfranchisement national. Rather than shifting their policy goals to match up with the will of the American people, MAGA Republicans’ guiding principle right now is, “if you can’t win, cheat!”

But Democrats are on the offensive. Congressional Democrats have re-introduced the Freedom to Vote Act, which would do the exact opposite of the Big Lie Bill -- expand access to the ballot box while shrinking the influence of corporations in our elections. Here’s a handy graphic laying out the differences:

The Big Lie Bill: Makes voting more difficult, expands corporate influence over our politics by raising contribution limits and decreasing transparency for donations, repeals efforts to improve voter registration and fight disinformation, and overturns local election laws in DC. The Freedom to Vote Act: Expands voter registration and early votingm puts an end to voter purges and partisan gerrymandering, limits corporate influence over our politics by overhauling campaign finance laws and increasing transparency for donations, and enhances election security.

When we talk about wanting to hold and expand our majority in the Senate, win back the House, and secure the White House again so that we can codify Roe, rebalance the courts, and continue building a fair economy for all, this is where it starts. Republicans have been working to rig voting laws across the country for decades, we cannot allow them to steal more elections.

Here’s what you can do:

  • If you have a Republican representative: Call them right now and demand they oppose the Big Lie Bill (ACE Act). MAGA Republicans are trying to restrict vote by mail, expand corporate influence on elections, reduce voter registration, and make voting more difficult for the elderly and people with disabilities. Now is the time to stand up to protect voting rights for all Americans and save our democracy. 
  • For everyone: Share this graphic. We can’t allow Republicans to control the narrative about elections. They are attempting to sow as much disinformation as possible to hold power. We have to make sure people know exactly what they are doing, and it starts with spreading the word. Use the link above to share on Twitter, and then share on Facebook, share on Instagram, and share on Threads too! The more eyes, the better. 

We are quickly approaching one of the most important elections of our lives. This very well may be the tipping point between a democracy for all, and a plutocracy where the rich control everything and we fight for the scraps. Help us protect our future now. 

In solidarity, 
Indivisible Team

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