Call your representative for worker safety


It’s hot.

Historically hot. 
“Dangerous conditions” hot. 
Climate change is REAL hot. 

July 4th marked the hottest recorded day in human history, and if you’re reading this email, you’re most likely experiencing a deadly heat wave that’s swept across nearly the entire country.  

In the face of debilitating temperatures nationwide, what do Republicans do? Nothing? Worse -- they are using their power to eliminate workers’ rights to any relief. Just look at what’s happening in Texas, where sweltering heat has persisted for weeks: On July 13, Governor Greg Abbott and his MAGA-run state legislature passed a bill that revoked city and county control over rest breaks, essentially condemning city workers to working outdoors with no mandated breaks. 

Republicans' refusal to grant even basic breaks during historically rising global temperatures feels draconian even by their standards. But that’s where we are today -- facing off against a party who would rather workers die of heat stroke than take 10 minutes to get a sip of water in the shade. 

But Democrats are fighting back

Leah and Rep. Casar in a similar pose standing at the stairs of the Capitol

That is our very own Leah Greenberg with Representative Greg Casar as he and activists from across the country staged a “thirst strike” on the steps of the Capitol on Tuesday calling for a federal workplace heat rule. 

Leah put it perfectly, “it is completely ridiculous that anybody has to be out here today… because what we are talking about is so basic, is so simple, is so foundational to decency and dignity.” 

We are up against a refusal to center basic decency. 

As workers across the country organize for basic rights (whether that’s SAG-AFTRA demanding protections on their likenesses from AI or UPS employees insisting on air conditioning in their vehicles), it is clear that MAGA Republicans (and the people who pay the Republicans to promote their agenda) don’t care about the working class. They’ll trot out a slogan. They’ll play up their “working-class roots.” But when it comes time to support the people, they are Greg Abbott stripping workers of basic protections from record heat.

And so Democrats pick up the slack. While continuing to work on long-term solutions to the climate crisis (including passage of the largest investment in climate in our nation’s history just under a year ago), Democrats like Rep. Casar and these activists from across the country are putting their bodies on the line to ensure worker safety now. 

Let’s make sure we support them.

Call your representative and tell them that all workers need protections for rest and water breaks! This is simple. This is basic decency. While Republicans retain control of some of the hottest states in the nation, their leaders, like Abbott, are stripping away protections. We need a federal workplace heat standard to guarantee basic worker safety.

Force your Republican representative to take a stand. 
Remind your Democratic representative that when they fight for workers, you stand behind them. 

It is inhumane, dangerous, and downright evil to force human beings to work in this level of heat without the mandated benefit of breaks. The fight against climate change must include labor justice, especially for the most marginalized workers that continue to be the target of MAGA extremists’ agenda. Click here to call your representative and advocate for basic decency for all workers now! 

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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