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Exactly one year ago today, President Biden signed into law the biggest climate legislation in our country’s history.


Exactly one year ago today, President Biden signed into law the biggest climate legislation in our country’s history. It doesn’t just fight Big Oil by slashing carbon emissions and creating a clean energy future for folks of every zip code and race. It also prioritizes equity and justice: It’s got big incentives for clean energy projects to pay a fair wage, commits that 40% of benefits of climate investments go to disadvantaged communities, and gives extra perks for energy communities that have historically relied on the fossil fuel industry.

Oh, and by the way, this same bill ALSO directly takes on Big Pharma by lowering prescription drug prices for seniors, making premiums more affordable for folks who buy their own insurance, and requiring corporations and the uber wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes. That’s a lot of good packed into a law most people haven’t heard of. If you’ve been here a while and have already heard about the launch of our Powering Progress campaign, you know we’re talking about the Inflation Reduction Act. 

But we’ll say it: the Inflation Reduction Act is a poorly named bill. It doesn’t capture the grandmother in Georgia who can spend more time visiting her family because she doesn’t need to worry about her insulin prices. The young couple in Montana who can now afford solar panels so their home will be more resilient. The new worker in Nevada who now has job prospects in clean energy. Let’s change that. 

Let’s make the Inflation Reduction Act famous. Start today. We’ve got a simple way for you to celebrate the anniversary online using our mini toolkit. Talk about your favorite part of the IRA, and include a personal story if you can. And a big perk of taking this simple action: by spreading the truth about the IRA, we help to drown out any false information about what’s in the bill or who benefits. Please don’t forget to tag @indivisibleteam in your posts! 

Something we all can celebrate: clean energy jobs!

Why does this matter? Because the Inflation Reduction Act – when we take out the wonky language and boring name🙂 -- is unbelievably popular. Across political divisions, racial lines, and geography, we all like affordable healthcare. We (almost) all know that climate change is impacting our communities, and we want to be part of the solution… and part of the economic boom of domestic manufacturing that comes along with it. But we don’t all believe the government can and does play an active role in improving our lives. The Inflation Reduction Act gives us a rare opportunity to tell a united story about how our government is the tool we need to fully fund our communities. So let’s get the word out! 

Indivisible groups are already celebrating, with many more celebration events to come! (Join an event here, or register your own here.)

Indivisibles celebrating the IRA

Together, we can get the word out about the benefits of the IRA and unite and heal our communities. There has never been a better time to get involved -- and remember we can’t do all this work without you. 

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

P.S. Are you still learning about all the benefits in the IRA, or are you a nerd 🤓 and want to test your knowledge? Check out a fun quiz from our friends at Evergreen Action for a brain teaser about everything we have to celebrate. 

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