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We’re back! Have you missed us? We’ve sure missed you!

It’s been an eventful summer: Horrific wildfires in Maui (donate here for aid), a continued attack on abortion access across the South, and the final of four indictments for Donald Trump as he continues to lead in Republican primary polling. 

With so much happening, what are House Republicans currently focusing on as they return from recess: trying to push forward empty impeachment proceedings against President Biden and threatening a government shutdown. Their tactics are so backwards that members and leaders in their own party are acknowledging that their aims are foolish, empty, and counterproductive. 

Here’s what Mitch McConnell had to say about a shutdown: “The speaker and the president reached an agreement, which I supported, in connection with raising the debt ceiling to set spending levels for next year. The House then turned around and passed spending levels that were below that level… that's not going to be replicated in the Senate.” That’s the leading Republican in the Senate calling out his own party for going back on their word.

And then there’s Chuck Grassley, James Comer, Jim Jordan, and Ron Johnson all questioning whether any alleged tapes showing wrongdoing on the part of the President even exist. They know this attempt at an inquiry is empty posturing.

Republicans can’t get it together because their entire political strategy rests on doing whatever they can to attempt to make Democrats look bad rather than working for the good of the American people. Trump’s been indicted four times? Throw an impeachment proceeding at Biden to distract everyone. Agreed to a bipartisan compromise on the debt ceiling? Go back on your word and potentially throw the world into financial chaos just to stick it to Dems.

We already know MAGA Republicans aren’t leaders. They’re opportunists and narcissists looking to secure riches and power for themselves and their wealthy donors. This is just a clear reminder that they are, as always, willing to run the governing of an entire country into the ground just to achieve those goals.

This is why our work heading into 2024 is so important. Democrats are working to govern -- looking to solidify reproductive freedom, advance democracy, and create an economy that works for all Americans. Republicans are trying to enrich and empower themselves and their friends. 

Now’s the time to get to work toward a trifecta in 2024. We can’t afford any less.

With that, here are your weekly to-dos:

 Your 4 weekly to-dos 

  1. RSVP for our National Campaigns Call on Thursday, September 21 at 8pm ET. Indivisible Action and Indivisible Project have had a substantial impact on every election cycle since their beginning, and that continues to be the case. On this call, we’ll delve into the pivotal November ballot issue election in Ohio, shed some light on the real possibility of a government shutdown, and introduce the new and exciting primary program. 
  2. If your representative is a Democrat, call them now and ask them to champion reproductive freedom and protect abortion access. Last week, we introduced our new Reproductive Freedom Agenda to not only codify Roe, but also extend protections for reproductive freedoms even further. We need all Democrats in the House to cosponsor the entire agenda. Each bill is important on its own, but together they combine to create comprehensive protections for abortion access and care. Once you’ve called, write a letter to the editor (LTE) to your local newspapers encouraging your representative to be a reproductive freedom champion.
  3. If your Democratic representative has already signed on to cosponsor all three bills, submit an LTE thanking them for being a reproductive freedom champion. Our representatives, and their constituents, need to know when we’re proud of their work. Write an LTE to let them know. Make sure to encourage your representative to keep showing up for reproductive freedom by publicly showing your support.

P.S. We rely on grassroots supporters to help fund the tools Indivisibles use on a daily basis -- including the call pages and LTE tools on your to do list! If you're able, pitch in today to help fund our work and keep this movement going.


***In the 2023 Indivisible Guide, one of the most important things we wanted to see was our representatives show up as fighters! We need representatives that work for the people, not just their bank accounts and special interests! So, why not highlight those fighters? We Love To See It! will highlight the work being done by reps fighting for everyday people’s well being, advancing democracy, and/or protecting personal freedoms. Let’s stand up for our representatives when they stand up for us! We Love To See It!***


Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, NY-08

Headline and image from a Politico article featuring Rep. Ilhan Omar speaking at a lectern. Reads: 'Jeffries endorses Ilhan Omar amid AIPAC primary threat.'

Ever since 2018, when the progressive "Squad" first took Washington by storm, a lot of copy has been written attempting to divide them from the rest of the Democratic party. So when Democratic party leaders make a point to have their Squad colleagues' backs, and take a stand against thinly-veiled conservative organizations' efforts to divide Democrats -- we love to see it. Here’s what our own Leah Greenberg had to say:

It's 2023, and Representative Omar and the other Squad members are critical pillars of the Democratic party. It's the right move and the smart move for Leader Jeffries and the party leadership to make it clear they're going to support them.

AIPAC revealed last cycle that they’re both anti-Democratic and anti-democracy. They were so invested in keeping Rep. Summer Lee out of office that they continued attacking her after she’d won her primary. Then they endorsed 37 insurrectionist Republicans who opposed certifying Biden’s victory. Those antics have no place in a serious Democratic party. 

Check out this article showing Rep. Jeffries and party leaders endorsing Rep. Omar in direct opposition to AIPAC’s influence with Rep. Jeffries emphatically saying, “Rep. Omar has been elected by her constituents three times and has consistently stood up for them, including through her service on the House Budget Committee… As House Democratic Leader, I vigorously endorse her re-election and stand with her as we battle Extreme MAGA Republicans for the future of our nation.”

**Bonus Points: If you see your rep showing up as a fighter and want to highlight them, reply to this email with a link to the story and we might feature it in our next Newsletter.**

Indivisible Project Updates: SCOTUS Accountability

The Supreme Court continues to show itself as a massive ball of corruption. Whether it’s Justice Thomas accepting millions of dollars in lavish gifts, travel, and more to the extent that he had to file a corrections section in his most recent disclosure form, or Justice Alito proclaiming that “No provision in the Constitution gives [Congress] the authority to regulate the Supreme Court -- period” in the Wall Street Journal, we find ourselves in a SCOTUS legitimacy crisis of the justices’ own making.  

But, Congress does, in fact, have the constitutional authority to restore integrity to the court. 

That’s why Indivisible Project is partnering across the movement to send a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Dick Durbin urging them to address these instances of blatant corruption. The Senate has no choice but to subpoena Justices Thomas, Alito, and their billionaire benefactors as well as launch a full-scale investigation in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and other relevant committees, into the ethical crisis engulfing the Supreme Court. Sign Indivisible Project’s letter asking Sen. Schumer and Sen. Durbin to do just that!

Click here to sign >>

**A note** Indivisible Project does not ask you to sign petitions, and that’s not what we’re asking for here. Petitions often don’t go anywhere and have no target for change -- they’re used to recruit supporters for contact lists and otherwise languish, never to be seen by your representatives. We’re going to take this letter, with all of your signatures, and hand-deliver it to Leader Schumer and Chairman Durbin. This is about action, not recruitment.

The sign on period closes September 28. Sign now and tell Senate Dems: Enough is enough. It’s time to hold corrupt justices accountable. It’s time to start issuing subpoenas.

 Indivisible Civics: Powering Progress and The Truth Brigade 

Join the Truth Brigade for a Big Truths: Big Pharma + Big Lies = Big Harm call on Wednesday, September 13 at 6:30pm ET. The Indivisible Truth Brigade is back with a powerful antidote to the onslaught of poisonous Big Pharma disinformation. Bad actors don't want the people to support the Inflation Reduction Act provisions that cap insulin costs and allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices. The Truth Brigade can disrupt that disinfo with knowledge! Join disinfo experts and Steve Knievel from Public Citizen to better understand the ways pharmaceutical companies spread false or misleading information that influences policy and undermines folks' wellbeing -- and take action to counter the lies, together. 

 IndivisiWin of the Week 

Three Indivisibles protest on the side of the street with signs about fake abortion clinics.

Students from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications followed the Indivisible MA Coalition Feminist Action Team as they protested at anti-abortion “crisis pregnancy centers” in MA. The resulting report is an in-depth look at the fight to battle disinformation in the effort to support reproductive rights. Check out the story here.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up on the latest information, and text “INDIVISIBLE” to 59798 to opt-in to our text messaging program where we send rapid response actions a few times a month.

We’re so glad to be back with you again delivering this Newsletter to your inboxes. You give us the strength and inspiration to always continue.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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