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We know exactly what’s at stake in this election because Donald Trump and his minions have told us.

I mean that literally -- they’ve written a 900-page plan called Project 2025. If they win, this is the blueprint they’ll follow to turn our federal government into a tool of authoritarianism. It outlines their plans to dismantle some federal agencies like the EPA and weaponize others to attack our most basic freedoms. Everything we care about is in their sights: elections, First Amendment rights, voting rights, climate policy, reproductive rights -- all of it.

They’re not hiding any of this. Project 2025 is openly promising to bring MAGA fascism to America.

But we’re not going to give them the chance. Today, Indivisible is launching Project 2024: Majority Over MAGA, a nationwide program to build a new Democratic trifecta, reelect President Biden, and mobilize a majority against the anti-democracy, anti-abortion politics of MAGA.

Project 2024 is based on a simple theory: If we can define the election on our terms and make sure every voter knows the stakes, we’ll win.

We’re not going to sugarcoat this. The 2024 election is an uphill battle for Democrats. The Senate map leaves no room for error. To win, we will need to make sure voters are focused on the issues where Democrats hold a competitive advantage: fighting MAGA extremism on democracy and abortion.

That means shaping the narratives and stories that will guide voters this election. It means investing in the local Indivisible groups who’ll do the work on the ground to reach their communities. And it means talking to voters -- a LOT of voters -- about the threat we’re facing and what’s possible if we win.

We’ll be working with Indivisible groups and activists in battleground Senate states and House districts to define our MAGA opponents, highlight what’s at stake, and turn out the vote for pro-democracy candidates.

A map showing our target districts throughout the US. For a text-based list, follow the link.

We’ll be making a huge investment in Arizona -- with its must-win House, Senate, and electoral college votes. As part of that investment, I’m proud to announce today that we’re endorsing Ruben Gallego - the champion for democracy that Arizona needs in the Senate.

We’ll be rolling out a groundbreaking, innovative new voter contact technique, Neighbor2Neighbor, which preliminary testing suggests is twice as effective as traditional canvassing - in every swing Senate and Presidential state.

And we need your help. Indivisible is a movement made up of people in every corner of the country, coming together to fight for our values, our neighbors, and our democracy. That’s what we’re asking you to do today.


First, sign up for tomorrow’s national strategy call. Ezra, I, and our political team will be doing an in-depth dive into our plan to win, our targets, and the most strategic actions we’ll be asking you to take over the year.

Second, donate to help fund the work. We’re not trying to run fancy big TV ad campaigns here. The money you give to us goes to contacting voters and supporting local Indivisible groups and organizers on the ground. It’s an investment in a win in 2024 and an investment in a 2025 where we pass the game-changing agenda we know is possible. None of this work will be possible unless we raise the funds to power it. 

Third, sign up to volunteer. A few months from now, we’ll have a multitude of opportunities to get involved in key races all over the country, but you can get started right now by supporting our first round of endorsees. Next Thursday, we’ll be hosting our kickoff 2024 phonebank for our endorsed candidates, Andy Kim and Ruben Gallego. These are the kinds of champions for our values that we need in a Democratic Senate in 2025 -- and we’ve got their backs.

We can win. We can guarantee reproductive freedom for everyone. We can make the structural reforms to protect our democracy and our right to vote.

But it’s going to take all of us. What will you do?

In solidarity,
Leah Greenberg
Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director, Indivisible

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