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This week, we launched our plan to defeat Trump, build a new trifecta, and mobilize millions of voters this November


If you’ve been part of this movement for long, you probably don’t need reminding about the stakes of this year’s election. You know what we’re up against because we’ve been fighting against Trump and his fascist agenda since the day he was elected. 

We also know that 2024 is about more than just defeating Trump -- it’s an opportunity to build a new Democratic trifecta that can codify abortion rights, pass vital democracy reform, and advance a bold progressive agenda. 

Where we end up in 2025 will depend on the work we do between now and November. That’s why, nine months out from Election Day, we’ve launched Project 2024: Majority Over MAGA. This is our plan to defeat Trump, retake control of Congress, and mobilize millions of voters against the anti-democracy, anti-abortion politics of MAGA. 

If you read Leah’s email from Wednesday or joined us on our National Campaigns Call last night, you got a great overview of Project 2024. Now, we want to take a bit more time diving into the details of the campaign -- the must-win Senate seats, our target House districts, the voters we have to reach, and the tools and resources we’ll be providing to Indivisible volunteers and groups. 

And we’ll be upfront: We’re also going to ask you to pitch in and help fund the grassroots organizing that's at the heart of Project 2024 and will be key to winning in November. 

This plan only works if we can fund it and we don’t have a massive reserve lying around. We have the energy of this movement. So when you’re ready (and able) to invest in the strategy we believe will lead to victory, this November, please chip in what you can.

The voters we need to mobilize

Our strategy for 2024 hones in on two key voter groups: likely Democratic voters who are at risk of staying home and “double hater” voters who have negative opinions of both presidential candidates. You might have already come across some of these folks among your friends, family, or neighbors. These are exactly the people we need to reach. 

The voting behavior of these two groups decided the outcomes in 2016 and 2020, and this year, they make up an even larger share of the electorate. Although they’re being heavily targeted with Republican messaging on inflation and immigration, we know these voters care deeply about democracy and reproductive freedom and want leaders who will fight for them and not just their billionaire donors.   

If we get them to turn out on these issues, we can win up and down the ballot. To make that happen, we have to shape the narrative of the election from the ground up and reach these voters in ways traditional campaigns typically can’t. 

The tactics we’re using

To drive home the stakes of the election, generate energy among the base, and reach those disaffected voters, we’re going to lean into Indivisible’s unique strength in elections: our grassroots base of local groups and volunteers. Over the course of the year, we’ll be doing three things:

  1. Framing the stakes of the election. Biden and Harris have been working to define this election as a referendum on MAGA. That’s the right strategy, but presidential speeches, TV ads, and traditional campaigning aren’t enough. To break through to the disaffected and “double hater” voters, we need trusted community members changing the narrative of this election on the ground through op-eds, birddogging MAGA Republicans, attention-grabbing media events, and 1:1 conversations (see #3 below). 

  2. Partnering with local Indivisibles in target districts and states. In 2023, we created a cohort of Indivisibles in the 18 Biden-won Congressional districts represented by Republicans. We worked to hold their GOP reps accountable and expose their extremism. We’re building on this work and expanding the cohort to include the 21 highest-priority Senate and House races. You can read more about our targets below, but in all of these races, we’ll be delivering Indivisibles the staffing, resources, and game-changing voter contact tools to drive the narrative and get out the vote. 

  3. Our groundbreaking Neighbor2Neighbor (N2N) tool. N2N combines relational organizing and door-to-door canvassing by matching volunteers with voters to canvass in their neighborhoods. Instead of a long list of strangers, we give our volunteers a short list of neighbors. It’s easy -- and more importantly -- it works. Our 2022 pilot found N2N to be twice as impactful as traditional canvassing. Our preliminary studies suggest it’s more impactful than pretty much any other tactic we’ve tried, including expensive TV ads. We’ll be mobilizing volunteers to reach out to voters via N2N in target races, as well as direct-to-voter texting, postcarding, and phonebanking to reach millions of voters. 

Needless to say, running a nationwide, grassroots messaging and voter contact campaign requires a huge investment. If you’re all in on our plan to defeat Trump, save our democracy, and build a new trifecta, you can help make it happen by pitching in here to fund our work.

Our target races

A map showing our target districts throughout the US. For a text-based list, follow the link.

Winning the House 

MAGA Republicans have a razor-thin majority in the House, and this week, it got even thinner. On Tuesday, Indivisibles helped flip George Santos’s old congressional seat. That means we have to flip just four more seats to retake the House (plus or minus a couple seats, depending on how redistricting shakes out across a few states). To pull it off, we’re focusing on the 18 most competitive House seats with engaged local Indivisible groups.

That includes going on offense in Biden-won districts in New York and California, where Republicans campaigned as moderates but then embraced the full MAGA agenda (including backing abortion bans) once they got to the House. Those two states have enough target races to make the difference in November, but we’re not stopping there. We’re investing heavily in two competitive races in Arizona (more on that below) and ramping up efforts in target areas all across the country.

We’ll also shore up support for Dems in competitive races like Rep. Mary Peltola (AK-AL) and Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp-Perez (WA-03), who represent districts Indivisibles helped flip in 2022.

Saving the Senate

There’s no sugarcoating it: We’re facing the toughest Senate map in years. We have a one-seat majority, and there are no obvious flippable GOP seats this cycle. Our highest priorities will be defending Democratic senators Jon Tester in Montana and Sherrod Brown in Ohio and electing Ruben Gallego -- a real Democrat -- in Arizona. 

Tester and Brown are running in states that Trump won in 2016 and 2020, but they have strong records of building coalitions and defying the rightward trends of their states. In Arizona, Gallego is running against MAGA election denier Kari Lake, who lost the gubernatorial race by less than a percentage point. We have a strong network in AZ who are fired up to elect Gallego and defeat Lake (again). 

In all three states, a strong majority of voters support abortion rights, and all three Dem candidates have committed to codifying Roe.

Biden’s path to 270 

Biden won in 2020 but by a narrow margin -- just 44,000 votes spread across a handful of states denied Trump a second term. To defeat Trump again, we’ll be deploying Neighbor2Neighbor to mobilize volunteers and contact voters who may not be effectively reached through traditional campaign tactics. With your support, we plan to make our revolutionary Neighbor2Neighbor tool available statewide in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

We’ll also be supporting multiple ballot initiatives that codify reproductive rights in state constitutions, because these protections are more vital than ever and we know that when abortion is on the ballot, turnout surges, and pro-choice candidates willing to protect abortion rights nationwide benefit.

Battleground Arizona

If you were reading closely, you probably noticed Arizona came up in all three of our target lists. With 2 target House districts, 1 Senate seat, and 11 electoral votes, there’s no state more important this cycle than Arizona. 

That’s why, over the past two years, we’ve made deep investments in the Indivisible network there, and we also joined a campaign to get an abortion access referendum on the ballot this year. This is a crucial step towards framing the election on our terms and driving turnout for the Democratic coalition.

Investing early

You’ve read this far, so it’s clear you care deeply about the fate of democracy in this country and know it’s all on the line this November. And now you have our plan: a strategy to shift the narrative of this election from the ground up, grassroots mobilizations in dozens of target states and races, and behind it all, the most effective voter contact tool we’ve found in existence. 

It’s probably no surprise that it’s going to take a massive investment to provide staffing, messaging, and GOTV support to make Project 2024 a success. Because we don’t take money from parties or politicians (and definitely not from corporate PACs), we’re counting on grassroots donors to help fund our work. 

If you’re able to pitch in today and want to help us build a new Democratic trifecta, click here to donate and help mobilize millions of voters against MAGA extremism.

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We’re incredibly grateful to everyone who’s able to pitch in today. If that’s not you, that’s okay! You can visit our website to find other ways to support Project 2024 and get plugged into this work.

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team 

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